Car rental guide

What do I need to do to rent the rental cars in Bangkok?

Nowadays, self-driving car rentals are very popular. Because it makes our travel more convenient and easier Many people may not have rented a car before. So before we rent a car For travel use It is imperative that we understand Conditions for car rental, which we have compiled by ECOCAR. We call it Car rental guide Let's see what When we want to rent a car But still don't know where to choose to rent a car Because nowadays there are many car rental service providers, from retail, individual, to large car rental companies Which is the first thing when renting a car is Choosing a rental car company Which might be like choosing a friend If we get good friends, we're fine, but if we get bad friends. We will be too bad. But don't worry Since we are now in the information age Finding the information of the car rental operator is not very difficult. Might go read reviews in Pantip. See reviews of others who have rented cars in the past. Enough to help us Including reading on the website on the Facebook page of the service provider For more information
From the author's view and has previous experience in car rental. There are guidelines for choosing a car rental company as follows.
  1. Trust Company registered service provider And VAT registered Will be very reliable that
  2. Number of years in service The longer it is open, the better. It means that this company is good and talented so it can survive.
  3. The number of cars, the more the better. We will be able to choose from many different car models when there is a problem. Can change cars
  4. The number of employees should be sufficient to service, do not have to wait long and can be contacted 24 hours.
  5. Brand reputation See if we like it Do you like the personality and color of the brand?
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What are the documents for vehicle renting?

Once we have chosen the car rental company Next we will need to provide documents for renting a car. Many people wonder why renting a car. The car rental company therefore has to request documents over there when they arrive at the company. Just pay And can't drive the car out at all? Calm down because each car Relatively high price And nowadays, there are thieves, there are criminals who come to cheat, rent, sell, pledge, or smuggle out of the country, so there are car rental companies, so they have to set up rules. To be used to screen customers who actually want to rent a car from thieves who are stealing cars. In general, car rental companies Will request documents for car rental from us as follows
  1. ID card
  2. Driving License
  3. Credit card or pay slip
Documents will be copied, signed by us and kept at the car rental company. As for the original documents stored at us Credit cards are used to pay for car rentals and to deposit some people without a credit card. Then use the payslip Last month instead And how to pay by cash or money transfer? Documents for renting a car are not difficult. Most of the 3 items we carry along already, right?

What are the documents for auto renting?

How much is a car rental It is one of the first questions I hear when renting a car. Car rental prices often vary. From the hundreds Up to thousands and tens of thousands, depending on the car model, so we choose the car model that is suitable for use. And within the budget To be able to have money left To pay for accommodation and food For ECOCAR car rental prices, click on the car rental price

Important car rental conditions

The most important thing in A car rental guide is that we must know and read. Conditions for car rental or car rental agreement in detail and inquiring more When I don't understand The important car rental conditions are as follows
  1. Payment will be paid for the total amount on the day of car pick up. By luxury car rental Will be paid by credit card and deposit 20,000 baht, pay by money transfer.
  2. Refund of deposit 20,000 baht deposit will be returned within 24 hours after returning the car. If you do not breach the terms of the company Get a full refund
  3. Car delivery
    • Luxury car rental for 2 days or more, free car pickup and drop service in Bangkok
    • For suburbs, delivery fee is 856 baht per trip (for pickup and delivery 1,712 baht)
    • 1 day rental, pick up the car at the Ladprao branch

What should I do when the car crashes?

When we drive Inevitably, there is a chance that the car will be hit or have an accident where the damage occurs. Who will be responsible In general, car rental companies already do compulsory and voluntary auto insurance. But there will be conditions To give the tenants some responsibility, we call it the deductible. For motivation Let the renters drive their cars with caution, not that the fuss will hit the car rental companies will lose their income. Since the crashed car has to be repaired, we, as renter, should drive carefully. Does not allow cars to be scratched In general, car rental companies have two options for us:
  1. Buy insurance for the deductible, additional cost 856 baht / day if we buy more when the car crash. / Have an accident We do not have to pay anything more. In the past 70% of customers would buy more for peace of mind.
  2. No need to buy extra insurance. In this case, the renter must try to drive the car carefully. Not to have additional marks But if there is an accident The tenant must pay the first deductible 10,700 baht.
When the car has an accident Then give us the phone Notify the insurance company by looking at the insurance policy Located in the passenger compartment When the staff of the insurance company arrived Then let us show a driver's license and tell the officer about the incident When Crem is finished, we collect the crem. Go to the rental car company To be used as a document in the garage

Will the deposit be returned?

Many people wonder what the deposit is 20,000 baht. What does the rental car company do? Will we get it back? A deposit is provided as a guarantee that The renter will return the car. On the date and time of the appointment returned with the original condition But if the renter does not return the car in the day When the appointment is made or the car is hit, there will be a fine and deducted from the deposit, so we should return the car on time. If you are concerned about the marks Accident story I would recommend you to purchase additional deductible insurance for your peace of mind. So we can drive around without worry. And will get the deposit back in full amount

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