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Welcome ECOCAR rent-a-car rental car that we are ready to provide car rental services in Lat Phrao. To travel to where you want to go, as you want


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Cheap Ladprao car rental

What is Ladprao car rental?

Ladprao car rental is an area that is the boundary between entry and exit of the city of Lad Phrao Maha Nakhon And is a point of intersection to various areas When traveling to other provinces such as Ramindra - At Narong Expressway That is a route that allows you to choose whether to go north or south and east. Considered to be a point that you can pick up your car and leave immediately, which ECOCAR rent-a-car sees this good point. So that there is a car rental right here to serve you already

Ladprao car rental,How much dose it cost ?

  • Nissan Almera price 856 baht per day
  • Toyota Vios price 963 baht per day
  • Isuzu Mu X price 2,033 baht per day
  • Deposit 5,000 -10,000 baht (can be returned within 24 hours after returning the car)
  • In addition, if it is not convenient, pick up at the Pattaya car rental office. We are happy to provide home delivery service. At the hotel in Pattaya Including the area around Jomtien Beach There is an additional cost starting from 321 baht per trip

Want to rent a car Ladprao What documents are required !?

For general customers Until the customers who are still students themselves Interested in renting a car You need the following documents.
  • ID card
  • Driving license
  • Credit card
  • This is very serious. The driver must be 18 years of age or over *** (if there is too, it is very good that "a copy of the flight ticket reservation Both to and from ")
  • But if you don't have a credit card What should I do? And really need to rent a pickup truck We are not too black. You can use it as "Latest salary slip" or "salary certificate Issued not more than 30 days "
  • If the client is still a "student", show a "student card" that can verify their identity. And to show the status of education By logging into the institution's website, you can see or "capture the status screen as a confirmation document"
For customers who rent a car, fix problems or rent a car during repair, use item 1-2 along
with a copy of the car registration certificate, the certificate of the car insurance company issued and the vehicle receipt at the garage or service center issued.
For customers in the type of juristic person or company Use the following documents
  • Copy of company certificate Latest issue no more than 3 months
  • Copy of value added tax registration certificate (Por Por 20)
  • Copy of the latest value added tax return (Phor Por 30), which is not more than 1 month old
  • Power of attorney from the authorized director (in case the director does not pick up the car himself)
  • Copy of the national ID card of the authorized person together with the original
  • Copy of the authorized person's driving license with the original person
  • Copy of the national ID card of the authorized person together with the original
*** All car rental documents must not expire. In the case of an additional driver Must come to enter into a car rental contract as well ***

What are the conditions? For renting a car Ladprao with us

  1. The oil that we add Will fill up a bucket But when we bring our rental car back "To fill the tank" back, if the tank is not full, there will be a fine for the car category at 214-268 baht per tick.
  2. Late return by the specified time There will be a penalty in the sedan category at 214-268 baht per hour "but if more than 4 hours will be counted as 1 day immediately without conditions"
  3. Insurance who is interested in purchasing additional car parts, saloon cars cost 214-268 baht per day

Deposit for renting a car Lat Phrao with ECOCAR rent-a-car

There will be a 1,200 CC to 1,500 CC engine cars with a deposit of 5,000-10,000 baht and will be returned within 24 hours after the customer has returned our rental car.

  • We will process your deposit refund within 24 hours after returning the rental vehicle to us.
Delivered less than an hour or less, really missing fuel from driving to return the car. Will it be fined?
  • If not meet the criteria It does not cost anything.
If you don't buy insurance For rental cars And an accident came How to pay?
  • may be deducted from the deposit. According to the wound.
That additional insurance All cover or not
  • covers all except for recap costs, vehicle campers or heavy accidents.
Is there a replacement car if the used car fails?
  • We always have new trucks to change. And still the original contract.
Pick up the car today. How do I count the rental days?
  • We will count the first day on the next day. For example, receiving Friday, Sunday night will count as 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.
The right time to pick up your rental car That's the best When should it be
  • We recommend picking up a rental car in the evening to early evening as you don't have to rush to return the car in the late morning if you rent a car for more than 300 kilometers

To rent a car Ladprao with us What are the advantages?

  1. Through checking the condition to be the most ready before giving to customers every time both the performance and cleanliness of the rental car at every point.
  2. Drive to where you want, all over Thailand As you want Without distance restrictions.
  3. Adjacent to every major road branch and skytrain station too.
  4. Be on time and care with courtesy Ready to care Like family.
  5. First class insurance for all vehicles if the customer has an accident The insurance company takes care of them all. Which customers do not have to pay extra money

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