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Cheap car rental

What is a cheap car rental in Bangkok, Thailand.?

Cheap car rental in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a very affordable car rental. For traveling around Thailand or doing personal business As you want Despite being cheap But the quality of cars for rent, ECOCAR rent-a-car insists on bringing high quality cars. And always ready to be the most complete, so you do not have to worry about that There will be a car crash or breakdown on the way. You can also choose a car model. And various accessories As needed We are happy to rent both with credit card and without credit card. And released for rent easily, not complicated.
Cheap car rentals with ECOCAR rent-a-car will give the renters high privacy. Allowing you to design and plan your own itinerary. All so Renting a car of this type Is very popular For customers with a large budget Travel Or even run your own personal errands There will be some interesting promotions for you to see as follows
  • If you come to rent a cheap car from Monday to Thursday you will get a 535 baht discount.
  • If you come to rent a cheap car on the weekend Between Friday and Sunday will receive a discount of 214 baht.
*** (Only Nissan Almera and Toyota Vios cars) ***

Want to rent a cheap car What documents are required !?

For general customers Until the customers who are still students themselves Interested in renting a car You need the following documents.
  1. ID card
  2. Driving License
  3. Credit card
  4. This is very serious. The driver must be 18 years of age or over *** (if there is too, it is very good that "a copy of the flight ticket reservation Both to and from ")
  5. But if you don't have a credit card What should I do? And really need to rent a car We are not too black. You can use it as "Latest salary slip" or "salary certificate Issued not more than 30 days "
  6. If the customer is still a "student", show a "student card" that can verify their identity. And to show the status of education By logging into the website of that educational institution, you can see or "Capture the status screen as a verification document".
For customers who rent a car, fix or rent a car during repair, use item 1-2 together with a copy of the car registration certificate, the insurance company issued and the vehicle receipt at the garage or service center.
For customers in the type of juristic person or company Use the following documents
  1. Copy of company certificate Latest issue no more than 3 months
  2. A copy of VAT registration certificate (Por Por 20)
  3. A copy of the latest value added tax return (Phor Por 30), which is not more than 1 month old.
  4. A power of attorney from a director who has the authority to sign to bind the company (in case the director does not pick up the car himself)
  5. A copy of the identification card of the authorized person with the original identity.
  6. A copy of the authorized person's driving license together with the original one.
  7. A copy of the identification card of the authorized person together with the original person.
*** All car rental documents must not expire. In the case of an additional driver Must come to enter into a car rental contract as well ***

What are the conditions? For cheap car rental with us.

  1. The fuel that we add. Will fill up a bucket But when bringing our rental car back If the tank is not full, there will be a fine for the vehicle category at 214-268 baht per tick
  2. Return the car late at the specified time There will be a penalty in the sedan category at 214-268 baht per hour "but if more than 4 hours will be counted as 1 day immediately without conditions"
  3. Insurance who is interested in purchasing additional car parts, car type, price 214-268 baht per day.
  4. Deposits of cheap car rentals with ECOCAR rent-a-car.There will be a 1,200 CC to 1,500 CC engine cars with a deposit of 5,000 baht and will be returned within 24 hours after the customer has returned our rental car.

Branches that offer cheap car rental services.

If you are interested in renting a cheap car as well We have branches for you to choose from to pick up the car nearest to you. Around Bangkok and its vicinity with 10 other regional districts, open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, whether it is
  • Car rental Don Mueang
  • Car rental Ladprao
  • Car rental Bang Wa
  • Car rental Suvarnabhumi
  • Car rental Samut Prakan
  • Car rental Nonthaburi
  • Car rental Chiang Mai
  • Car rental Pattaya
  • Car rental Hat Yai
  • Car rental Ubon Ratchathani

To be able to rent a cheap car with us. What are the advantages?

  1. Through checking the condition to be as ready as possible before giving to customers every time both the performance and cleanliness of the rental car at every point.
  2. Run to where you want, all over Thailand As you want Without distance restrictions.
  3. We have branches for you to choose from to pick up the car nearest to you. Throughout Bangkok and its vicinity and 4 regional districts throughout Thailand.
  4. Be on time and take care with courtesy. Ready to care Like family.
  5. First class insurance for all cars if the customer has an accident. The insurance company takes care of them all. Which customers do not have to pay extra money.

More doubts To rent a cheap car with us.

  1. Q Deposit ?
    A We will process your deposit refund within 24 hours after returning the rental vehicle to us.
  2. Q Delivered less than an hour or less, really missing fuel from driving to return the car by yourself Will it be fined ?
    A If the criterion is not yet met It does not cost anything.
  3. Q If I didn't buy insurance Car for rent And an accident came How to pay ?
    A may be deducted from the deposit. According to the wound that has occurred.
  4. Q. The additional insurance. Is it all covered ?
    A covers all except for reconfiguration, car camping or heavy accidents.
  5. Q Do you have a replacement car if the used vehicle is faulty ?
    A We always have new trucks to change. And still the original contract.

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