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Indicates your success


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What is Luxury Car Rental?

Luxury Car Rental in Bangkok,Thailand is the fifth factor for your life on the driving trips. It makes you to be luxurious from the great performances and the high technologies inside their cars. ECOCAR rent-a-car is going to represent this car type only Bangkok and Metropolitan area.

Types of cars for our Luxury Car Rental

Luxury Car Rental in Bangkok,Thailand.There are the World Class 2 luxury car brands to your selections as both as BMW and Mercedes Benz from Germany within 3 types that consist of

Payment Details for our Luxury Car Rental

Documents with your luxury car rental using for officers?

  1. ID CARD or Home-country Passport
  2. Thai Driver License or IDP-International Driving Permit (ASEAN customers can use your home-country driver license to rent)
  3. Credit cards
  4. Deposit 20,000 baht.

Terms of conditions

  1. Full Gasoline both as picking and returning
  2. Deliver too late within requirements that there is some fine

Advantages for our luxurious car rent

Q&A for luxurious car rental in Bangkok.

  1. What about the deposit?
    ANS: We are going to run to pay back with 24 hours after you send our cars back to us.
  2. Has it some fine if you are delivered too late or no full gasoline tank in a few step?
    ANS: Yes.
  3. Will you pay by yourself if you would not like to buy insurance?
    ANS: It will be paid from your deposit in your car scars.
  4. Does insurance cover for all cases?
    ANS: Everything except Tire Fix, the car claiming and the strong accidents.
  5. The car replacement?
    ANS: We are going to deliver the new one if the old one has been out of orders.






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