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Welcome ECOCAR rent-a-car, we are ready to provide car rental services in Pattaya. Travel to the land that is a classic seaside town that anyone would like to come and not too far from Bangkok like Pattaya.


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Cheap Pattaya car rental

Do you search about Car Rental Pattaya for going around the seaside city?

Car Rental Pattaya is the car rental service both as self-drive or a chauffeur for going around the seaside trips or your business in Pattaya City. Generally, there are many ways to come to Pattaya by buses, vans and trains. After that, you have rented a car rental for driving about 3-5 days for your convenient trips because it is easy for going anywhere which is better than going by buses. It is the best selection for your tourism time by yourself. They are so smooth and freedom for forgetting your own car at your home surely.

Why do many tourists come to Pattaya?
Pattaya is the most popular place for tourism in Thailand. It is the destination for anyone who would like to come, for there are many sunshine beaches and it makes you to swim for your refreshment. It is located in Chonburi and the special administrative area that it’s not far from Bangkok only an hour by Motorway M7. There are many Thais and foreigners for coming to this city. It makes many profits around 90% of tourism. There are many hotels both as cheap or luxurious. Moreover, there are many entertain places and many restaurants around the sunshine city such as Na Kluea Beach, Pataya Nuea Beach, Pattaya Klang Beach, Pattaya Tai Beach, Jomtien Beach and Na Jomtien Beach including the nightlife places as Pattaya Walking Street, Bali Hai Pier, Café & Bars, Central Pattaya and Ripley’s Believe or Not Museum. There are islands for your vacation such as Koh Larn and Koh Sichang.
If you have a plan to come to Pattaya and you would like to drive in yourself with couples, friends and families, there are many Pattaya car rentals for trips in your plans easily with ECOCAR rent-a-car.

Which car rentals do you prefer in Pattaya?
ECOCAR rent-a-car’s Pattaya Car Hire Branch has many car rentals as both as self-drive and a chauffeur including airport taxis for your trips safely and exactly. This is our mission for us.

Where is the pick-up and return location?
  • ECOCAR rent-a-car’s Pattaya Car Hire Branch – 10 minutes from Pattaya Bus Terminal at Pattaya Nuea. Daily open 8am-8pm.
    253/2 Moo 13 Sukhumvit-Pattaya soi 81, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung, Chonburi 20150
  • Our branches over Thais as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ubon Ratchathani and Hatyai.
  • Delivery service
    If you would like to pick outside, 535 THB for our delivery service.
Booking the Pattaya Car Rent 24/7?
You can book our car rental easily by the online website 24/7. Just click for your selections as both as self-drive car and a car rental with a chauffeur.
Do you know about ECOCAR rent-a-car?
  • 8 Years for our car rental service
  • There are 600 available cars from only 1 car in the beginning time.
  • 10 Branches over Thais.
  • 3 Years-old car services.
  • There are 60 officers for your help in 24/7.
  • We believe that “Journey is all live” so we support for your safety travel as our missions.
  • Pattaya is the well-known name for calling but it was not called this name that it had used to call “Thap Phraya” from the King Taksin the Great period. It used to be the military camp for King Taksin the Great’s Troop. There was “Lom Pattaya Windy” that became to be “Pattaya Village” until it calls to be “Pattaya” in nowadays.

How much is our Car Rental Pattaya and which ones?

Car Rental Pattaya How dose it price? Please see the price in table below.
Car Rental Lists Price per Day Price per Month
NISSAN ALMERA 1.2 Auto 856 THB 14,980 THB
TOYOTA VIOS 1.5 Auto 1,070 THB 16,050 THB
ISUZU MU-X 2,033 THB 17,120 THB
  • Car rental prices may change over time. You can see Real time prices in the car reservation system.
  • Details of each car model and update price can be viewed at Car model for rent
Deposit for car rental in Chiang Mai
  • Small car 5,000 baht
  • Large cars 10,000 baht
  • Deposit refund transfer Will be returned within 24 hours after returning the car
Chiang Mai car rental booking channels
  • Recommend to book a rental car by yourself through our website, click to reserve a rental car
  • Call center 02-002-4606 (Head office)
  • Mobile number 098-828-9808 (answer 24 hours)
  • Line ID: @ecocar
  • Facebook: Eco Car Rental

What documents are required for the Pattaya Car Rent?

There are too many documents for renting a car rental as many cases from some experienced car renters. In this case, there are many conditions such as the real renter and the strong working status for guaranteeing that you are not a thug or a robber. So these are the necessary documents for renting a car rental Pattaya that you must have these ones below:
  • General Renters for all foreigners
    1. IDP (International Driving Permit) which can drive anyplace in the world. On the other hand, if you are ASEAN Nations customers, you yourself can drive in Thailand with your home-nation driver permit.
    2. Home-country Passport
    3. Credit Cards
  • General Renters for their employees (No credit cards)
    1. IDP (International Driving Permit) which can drive anyplace in the world. On the other hand, if you are ASEAN Nations customers, you yourself can drive in Thailand with your home-nation driver permit.
    2. Home-country Passport
    3. Salary Slip in the latest 1 month
  • General Renters for using a replaced car during maintenance (No credit cards)
    1. IDP (International Driving Permit) which can drive anyplace in the world. On the other hand, if you are ASEAN Nations customers, you yourself can drive in Thailand with your home-nation driver permit.
    2. Home-country Passport
    3. Car Registration Certificate
    4. Insurance’s Car Claim Form
    5. Car Repair-Car Picking Slips from the Car garage or Service Centers
  • Renters about College Students (No credit cards)
    1. IDP (International Driving Permit) which can drive anyplace in the world. On the other hand, if you are ASEAN Nations customers, you yourself can drive in Thailand with your home-nation driver permit.
    2. Home-country Passport
    3. Student ID Card
    4. College Student Status Copy from your university
  • Documents for travelers (No credit cards)
    1. Home-country Passport
    2. IDP (International Driving Permit) / Thai Driver License / Home-nation driver permit if you are come from ASEAN Countries e.g. Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia etc.
    3. Their round-trip tickets reservations
Other renters that you can read more details at SELF-DRIVE CAR RENTAL CONDITIONS

Why rent our Pattaya Car Hire with ECOCAR rent-a-car?

  • Our Pattaya Car Rent are checked the availability of experienced technicians before delivering them to you.
  • Drive everywhere in Thailand as you wish.
  • Deposit that you can get back certainly within 24 hours.
  • Exactly for delivering our car rent.
  • There is much equipment for the car maintenance inside a car.
  • We have been in service for more than 8 years, specializing in Don Muang car rental service.
  • On time if the customer disembarks from Don Mueang Airport You can be assured that the rental car will wait for delivery to the customer 15 minutes before the customer arrives.
  • We provide services in the form of a company. Reliable Can issue tax invoices for tax deduction.
  • There are various car rental models to choose from. To meet every use in traveling.
  • There is emergency equipment in the car, whether it be a spare tire or a jack, so that you can solve immediate problems. When there is a force majeure with your rental car.
  • The vehicle has undergone a thorough inspection of the vehicle condition before delivery to the customer. You can be assured that it is safe and ready to run long distances to travel safely to your destination.
  • Can be assured that when there is a problem with the rental car or having had an accident with a car You can contact us for help 24 hours a day.

Service standards for our Pattaya Car Rent by ECOCAR rent-a-car

  1. Car rental quality
    We are going to prepare their new clean cars. No smoking smell and car scars. We are going to check every 10,000 km. We believe that all lives are the journey. So, we can design our services the self-drive car rental for your lifestyles.
  2. Exactly
    We are going to deliver on time at least an hour. Full gasoline and stand by in front the office.
  3. Polite Service
    We are going to recruit in these job descriptions; car lovers and service minds. Our staffs are polite, calm and smile for customers within our training courses.

Where can I drive to around Pattaya?

  1. Koh Larn
    Ko Lan is a small Thai island off the coast of Pattaya, in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s known for its beaches, set against a backdrop of wooded hills. In the north, Ta Waen Beach is dotted with restaurants and shops. A large, stingray-shaped building dominates Samae Beach’s north end. The beach is famed for its clear water and sunset views. Small monkeys inhabit the hills around coral-ringed Nual Beach, in the south.
  2. Khao Phra Tamnak
    It is a mountain that is located between South Pattaya Beach and Chom Thien Beach and since the mountain is not too high, the top of the mountain is used as the location for the peaceful Wat Khao Phra Bat and the Sacred Buddha’s Image as well as Sor.Thor Ror. 5 Navy Radio Station. The monument of Phra Chao Borommawongther Krom Luang Chumpon Khet Udom Sak is also enshrined here. It is built to be a viewpoint of Pattaya which opens up a view of all of Mueang Pattaya as well as the distinct and perfect panorama of the moon-like curved beach of Mueang Pattaya Bay. Therefore, the top of Phra Tamnak has become popular and is one of the places that must be visited when traveling in Mueang Pattaya.
  3. Suan Nongnuch
    It is set in a 2.4 beautifully landscaped park and can easily make an all-day trip. The entire area is more like a theme park, with daily cultural shows, restaurants and accommodation as well as a vast area showcasing individually themed gardens. A leisurely stroll through the botanical park is like taking a journey around the world, through its many famous gardens, whether 17th-century French garden, Stonehenge, or European Renaissance garden. Equally fascinating are species-specific gardens, such as cactus and succulent plants, orchid nurseries, tropical palm gardens, bonsai and topiary garden.
  4. The Sanctuary of Truth
    It is perhaps best described as a monument to Thai craftsmanship, with its stunningly detailed carvings of elephants, people and scenes, creatures and deities from mythology. They pay homage to and are a reflection of the Ancient Vision of Earth, Ancient Knowledge and Eastern Philosophy and they adorn every single surface – both inside and out – of the building. They are also a reflection of the fleeting nature and ceaseless toil of human existence because none of the wood is treated or protected from the elements, meaning that older parts gradually succumb to the rigors of the weather and climate and need to be replaced. The construction of the sanctuary, which began in 1981, is an on-going, never-ending task.
  5. Khao Chi Chan
    It is a famous place as it features a giant sculptural image of Lord Buddha erected on the giant cliff. It was built 1995 as initiative from then Supreme Patriarch who felt it's such a waste to let these marble mountains were destroyed so he ordered to create the giant Buddha image on the cliff that was cut half already. It was also built to honor His Majesty King Bhumibol RAMA IX on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee.

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