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Car rental service with driver, polite, safe, on time

What is the Car rental with a driver?

Car rental with a driver is the car rental that there is a chauffeur to drive for you as your trip plan or your business plan in your urgent time. You can do other activities safely. Moreover, the car rental with a driver can take you to go somewhere that you can't know the destinations including you can't drive, for you haven't a driver license. It can be replied a demand which it can take you to go quickly. Because of they are a local chauffeur who knows everything at that place. There are 2 types as daily and monthly.

Good advantages for the car rental with a driver
  • Everyone has the same time together. Nobody satisfies to drive.
  • Don't worry for your lost way for the car rental with a chauffeur.
However, you are ready to make your trip by yourself. You can rent with the self-drive car rental.

Why do you rent the Car rental with a driver?

Car rental with a driver in Bangkok with ECOCAR rent-a-car .
  1. Exactly and it arrives early 15 minutes.
  2. We have a good command for the routes for driving to anywhere in the gasoline safe and the time safe.
  3. Fluent English for a chauffeur
  4. There is GPS for taking care to control a chauffeur.
  5. 5 years-old Elite Quality Car rental
  6. Check in every parts of our cars before send to you
  7. Good service-mind
  8. 1st-Class Insurance for every car
  9. We have a good feedback to repeat for renting a car once more.

Terms of conditions

  1. 10 Hours for our service 7am to 8pm.
  2. 321 THB per Hour for the overtimes
  3. 1,070 THB per night for the chauffeur payments
  4. This rent payment is not included gasoline, toll ways and parking pays.
  5. Bank e-transfer only for the payment
If you would like to drive by yourself, you can read this article.

How to pay about the Car rental with a driver

Pay on the website or credit cards transfer.

Car rentals and branches about the Car rental with a driver

  2. SUV 7 seats as TOYOTA FORTUNER and ISUZU MU-X
  4. Luxury Cars as MERCEDES BENZ and BMW
  5. Pick-up Trucks
Branches for the Car rental with a driver
  • Bangkok
  • Nonthaburi
  • Samut Prakan
  • Chiang Mai
  • Ubon Ratchathani
  • Pattaya-Chonburi
  • Hatyai-Songkhla

Q&A for the Car rental with a driver

  1. How much?
    ANS: 2,568 THB per Day and it is more expensive when you rent in the bigger costs.
  2. How to rent?
    ANS: Only the website
  3. Pick & Drop Car Rental Locations?
    ANS: You can appoint by yourself.
  4. Gasoline
    ANS: In the beginning, we are going to fill the full gasoline tank. Meanwhile you ought to fill in the full gasoline tank when you drop our car rents.
  5. Changing plans
    ANS: You can change a plan by yourself to our chauffeur.
  6. How to take care about the chauffeur?
    ANS: They can take care by themselves.
  7. Changing dates?
    ANS: You can change within 24 hours before the trip starting.

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